Our Locations

In the UK we have 8 full time workers supported by volunteers organised into a network of CAST Chapters and Partners in the following locations

South East

Reading, Red Hill, London, Kent, Southend, Witham, Basingstoke, Luton, Peterborough, and Milton Keynes 

The CAPRO UK drum beat sounded first from Reading, it was heard across the land and continue to resound in melodious rhythm of missional activities. Four full time cross-cultural workers based in Reading and Red Hill with the support of CAPRO Sending Teams (London and Reading Chapters) are actively using creative evangelism for outreach, mobilising, training and serving local churches in the region. There are Prayer Cells in Kent, Southend, Witham, Basingstoke, Luton, Peterborough and Milton Keynes. Our East of England thrust to Cambridge will start shortly.

West Midlands


We have two cross-cultural workers that are currently based in the Midlands and working in the Birmingham area. They are currently involved in mobilisation and outreach to specific diaspora people group locally, countrywide and across Europe. Their target in Birmingham has been mapped for engagements, with active and ongoing ministry to two locations of highest concentration. The Midland also host our multi-media resource development office and a budding CAPRO Sending Team-Birmingham Chapter.

Yorkshire & Humberside


The Yorkshire and Humberside team though currently seconded to WEC in Leeds are involved in various mobilisation and training networks among the local churches. The team is bringing leaders of denominations and ministries together in fellowship, prayers and strategic planning for the evangelisation of the region. The CAPRO Sending Team-Leeds Chapter is actively and fully labouring alongside.

North West England

Manchester & Liverpool

CAPRO UK thrust to the North of England has been driven primarily by the ministry of the CAPRO Sending Teams – Manchester and Liverpool Chapters- whose labours over the years is worth commending. The Liverpool Chapter has been really challenged with the relocation of the former Chapter Coordinator and most of the members.The Manchester CAST however continue to hold the forth.  We hope to work closely with them towards revival, trusting God to get Liverpool running again. The pioneer thrust of Morecambe in Lancashire is the latest game-changer. A lot of ground breaking effort of prayer and revival gatherings is yielding a network of like-passion leaders for Kingdom harvest in the region.


Aberdeen, Edinburgh and West of Scotland

Aberdeen, Edinburgh and West of Scotland Chapters are holding forth further up North.  A land mark effort to mobilise this region is the Scotland “Come Away” Pastors Retreat which ran for two years and stopped due to lack of funding. This weekend retreat offers a unique platform for Christian leaders and Pastors to connect and forge a united front for Missions and Kingdom advance in the region and beyond.


We have active CAST Chapters in Northern Ireland and Belgium


Outside the UK, we are in 34 Countries