Discipleship & Missions Exposure Programme (DIMEP)

“Disciples are made not born” says W. A. Henrichson and at the heart of the Great Commission is the task of “making disciples of all Nations” not just witnessing or evangelising. The key to disciple making is teaching; and effective teaching involves series of personal interaction. This is what we bring together in DiMEP for effective Christian living, growth and service.

This programme is designed to help men and women who desire to grow in their personal knowledge of, and walk with the Lord Jesus. The training will help men and women who have a goal to be like the Master, Jesus and who have a passion for soul-winning and therefore desire to be envisioned about evangelism and missions.

The goal is to help produce men and women who are victorious in their personal lives, ablaze for the Lord in their `Jerusalem´ and willing to serve as missionaries wherever and whenever the Lord so desires. “Men and women who will love not their lives, even unto death” (Revelations 12: 11).

The Programme
DiMEP is designed as a series of teaching seminars and workshops on various basic Christian themes. It is practical but soundly biblical in content. It is also designed to be non-academic and non-theological but not anti-theology or averse to serious inquiry. Our aim is not to lecture but to provide open interactive sessions that will stimulate discovery and growth.

DiMEP- Central Module– the central DiMEP is run at a central venue in a city, accessible to all Christians and churches within that city. The course is designed to run for 12 – 48 hours spread over several Saturdays, weekends or months. The training team can usually work out a schedule to suit most needs.

It will incorporate formal and informal sessions and practical involvement in evangelism and missions. A visit to a mission field is included in the package for interested participants. The programme content will include some or all of the following topics:

  • The New Creation
  • Personal Edification and Growth
  • Christian Life and Character
  • Discipleship and Disciple-making
  • Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
  • Hearing God
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Vision and Goal-setting
  • The Disciple and Family Life
  • The Call to Ministry
  • The Great Commission/ Missions
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Stewardship
  • Specialised Evangelism

DiMEP- Church-based Module- this module is run within a church or groups of churches. It can run for one to three (1-3) weekends for 12 to 45 hours. The programme includes topics on three major areas of Christian life and ministry:

  • Discipleship and Disciple-making
  • Evangelism
  • Missions
  • Other subject areas identified by the church as a need.

Mode of Enrolment
Every interested participant will be required to complete an application form to be submitted at least a month before the commencement of the training. Those accepted for the programme will be notified in writing and where necessary, a formal interview will be conducted for the candidate.

In the Church-based module, the church will work on the enrolment procedure in-house and inform CAPRO of the number available for training.

Resource Persons
Resource persons for this programme are usually seasoned missionaries from Calvary Ministries or Christians from the wider church with a proven ministry and an exemplary life style. This is because; discipleship is not so much a “course” as it is open apprenticeship where life changing graces is passed into other lives. We will depend on the Lord to bring us people whose lives reflect the subject they will teach.

Recommended Readings
Each subject to be covered will have recommended reading list or literature. It is required that every participant reads at least one book from each of the subject selections. This is a compulsory part of the programme. Most of the books will be available in our Resource Centre.

Practical Involvement
There will be opportunity for Practical Evangelism, Weekend Outreaches and Short-term visits to the mission fields. These are extra options.

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