At Calvary Ministries, we offer various training programmes to serve the body of Christ, to equip and prepare Christian workers at different level of engagement and for a variety of Christian services.

Our range of training programmes includes a variety of short non residential trainings just for few weeks to the intensive and residential trainings for a period one year.

All our trainings have critical discipleship content and are focused on building enduring foundation for victorious Christian living and effective ministry. In preparing for fruits that will abide the test of time, enlisting disciples and trainees need to discover how to root deep down for stability and connect the source for spiritual nourishment to sustain, refresh and renew in spite of the daily wear and tears as well as other unique challenges that come with Christian life and ministry.

For further information on how you can benefit from our training programmes, write email to

Our short training programmes include:

Discipleship & Missions Exposure Programme DIMEP. Click for additional information

Engaged Discipleship ED Click for additional information

Leading Edge Development Programme LEDEP. Click for additional information

The Oasis Course TOC. Contact us for additional information

Our intensive and residential training programmes include:

School of Missions SOM. Nigeria(2), Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Botswana. Contact us for additional information

School of Harvesters SOH. Senegal. Contact us for additional information