Short-Term Missions/ Outreaches

Calvary Ministries CAPRO began as a very mobile Short-term Outreach ministry with teams of young people drawn from tertiary institutions and older ones from different walks of life but united by the common passion to preach Jesus Christ in uncharted territories.

While still very mobile as at the beginning, we have moved on towards a progression of commitment, from short-term service to long term commitments. We understand the vital foundation and bridge that Short-term mission helps to build towards future and long term career in missionary service. We continue to cherish our Short-term teams as we seek to constitute new ones through different platforms of mobilisation.

Currently our Short-term missions unit offer two broad opportunities:

Operation Joshua (OJ). Click for additional information

Christian Volunteer Service (CVS). Click for additional information

For further information about outreaches and short-term missions involvements write email to stm[at]