Our Operational Strategy

Our strategy for World Evangelisation is embedded in the command of our Mater-Jesus Christ to “Go ye and make disciples…”

We follow the New Testament pattern for ministry, sharing the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and teaching the believer the Word until he is able to produce followers who can teach others (2 Timothy 2: 2). This in effect, means that we shall employ more of the “house to house” or “person to person” strategy in preference to mass crusades, and in case of the latter, the converts shall also be taught and individually discipled. However, the methods used at any particular time and in any particular place shall be at the dictate of the Holy Spirit.

CAPRO works in partnership with existing National and local Churches where present. We do not plant parallel and competing church congregations where churches have been founded, however the product of evangelism in places where there are no previously existing churches are grouped and built up into New Testament Churches that are self governed, self propagating and financially independent. Churches planted by CAPRO missionaries are named by their location and not after CAPRO to prevent CAPRO from becoming another denomination.