Missionary Kids Education Trust Fund

Missionary Kids Education Trust Fund

1. The Need:

  • Many children of serving missionaries are now due for tertiary education.
  • It is increasingly difficult for many missionary parents to educate their children
  1. Their resources are constrained and general cost of living is rising.
  2. The cost of quality (Christian) education has sky-rocketed in countries where most missionaries are located.
  3. This present situation may well be one of the biggest challenges that CAPRO missionaries are facing in their call and commitment to the work now and in the near future
  • Current financial support, insufficient as it is, has been largely and rightly designated to core mission work such as church planting efforts
  • Basic welfare of missionaries and their families has been given secondary focus by some supporters.
  • The present school support system initiated by missionaries themselves inNigeria(Children Education Fund) is barely able to sustain their children through secondary education

2. The Solution:

  • Establishment of an Education Trust Fund that will provide sustainable financial support to Missionary kids in tertiary institutions.
  • Provide sustainable financial support to children of missionaries for their higher education.
  • Mobilise and administer non-monetary gifts such as room and board, textbooks
  • Provide tuition scholarships to deserving missionary kids

3. How does the Trust Fund work?

  • The Trust Fund will be managed by a Board of Trustees
  • Funding through charitable donations such as
    1. One time or structured/regular monetary gifts
    2. Gifts of stocks and bonds
    3. Memorial gifts, bequest and wills – Estate planning
  • Monetary donations would be considered as principal invested in an interest yielding investment in the financial market
  • Only interest would be available for scholarship. Interest may be reinvested in the Fund especially when all immediate scholarship needs are met
  • Trust Board will report annual accounts to CAPRO and regular sponsors
  • Scholarships will be offered to missionary kids that have obtained admission to tertiary institutions
  • Strategy on split of funds for local or foreign institutions depends on needs and available resources
  • Who is eligible- Children of CAPRO Missionaries
  1. Active Missionaries
  2. Missionaries who have passed on to glory
  • Scope
  1. Two different funds domiciled in bothNigeriaand theUnited States.
  • The Nigeria fund will be available to take advantage of the current investment climate in Nigeria,
  • UStrust fund will be used to serve as a fund basis for international donors that may be interested in participating, as well as basis for the disbursement of funds outside ofNigeriabecause of cross border international monetary constraints.


  • How to apply
  1. Missionary Parents should inform Fund trustees of children going into universities a year in advance for planning purposes.
  2. Missionary parents should advise Board on prospective College admission and fees
  3. Trust board will review all applications and advise on grants

4. How Can You participate

  • Tell Target Groups about the fund
  1. Individuals – Friends of CAPRO
  2. Churches
  3. Christian Universities
  4. Christian corporate organizations
  • Pray, Pray, Pray….Give, Give, Give

Link to http://www.capromissions.org/mktf_web1/index.html