Leading Edge Development Programme (LEDEP)

The Challenge of Christian Leadership- The Ship in the Stormy Gale!

The Christian life is like a ship at sea and often faced with boisterous storms and contrary forces and elements of nature. Every Ship needs a leader to captain the crew, passengers and cargo to safety, so it is with the Christian life.  Consider having to steer a ship in a terrible storm without a captain who is equipped enough with knowledge and experience of the sea. The chance of having any survivor in such a situation is almost unlikely. Imagine Peter crying to Jesus in Mat 8: 23 – 27: Don’t you care that we are going to Perish? Jesus exercised influence over the sea and the storm in order to bring intervention to lives and purpose. That was great!!! Imaging what would have happened if Jesus was not present in that boat! Also imagine if the Leader in the boat was Peter or any one of the remaining Eleven. The story today will be different. Having just anybody in Leadership rather than one empowered and prepared for the challenges will only amount to frustration and even disaster. Leadership is all about exercising dynamic influence for intervention and change in whatever arena of life imaginable. You can only give what you have. We need dynamic and influential leaders to move us forward in Christendom, whether in Secular environment or in Full time Christian Service.


The Challenge of Leadership Development

Jesus brought out the Leadership potentials in Peter and the remaining eleven Apostles through daily and consistent exposure to Godly influence and exemplary lifestyle; we can not do less in order to experience positive results in our own contemporary world. The major challenge in Leadership development today has been the lack of mentors in Spiritual leadership to role model biblical and consistent examples in lifestyle and ministry. Where are Mentors for Christ today?


LEDEP- Developing Cutting Edge Leadership for The Final Harvest

The LEDEP training is an attempt to meet the above mentioned need through specialized seminars in a relaxed environment and an interactive atmosphere.


LEDEP Training Objectives

We plan to achieve five major goals among many others through the LEDEP training programme. These include:

  1. Enhance and equip for deeper roots for spiritual formation and spiritual leadership development.
  2. Enhance and equip Christian leaders for greater fruitfulness in family life, Church community, professional life and in secular environment. We desire maximum expression of Christian leadership and values in the market place.
  3. Promote impeccable integrity and accountability in leadership in Church or secular environment
  4. Inform, enhance and equip Christian leaders for impact in discipleship, evangelism & missions in with particular emphasis on Urban Mission and the Market Place evangelism.
  5. Mobilize Christian leaders for Short-term/ Long-term involvement in Missions.


  1. Curriculum
  1. Orientation- The Leading Edge in Our Contemporary World GS1
  2. Leadership Models in our Contemporary World LDS1
  3. The Leader & Personal Edification LDS2
  4. The Leader & Family Life LDS3/ GS2
  5. The Leader as a Catalyst for The Great Commission LDS4/ GS3
  6. Leadership & Vision LDS5
  7. Planning, Organization & Goal Setting in Leadership LDS6
  8. Effective Communication in Leadership LDS7
  9. Stewardship & Accountability in Leadership LDS8
  10. Integrity in Leadership LDS9
  11. Debriefing GP4

Acronyms: GS= Group Session, LDS= Leadership


 Venue: 2 options as follows

In-House LEDEP Training: Release LEADERS from your Church Congregation/ Denomination/ Ministry/ Group for us for the LEDEP Training at our designated venue

Church-Based/ Outpost LEDEP Training: Organize LEADERS in your Church Congregation/ Denomination/ Ministry/ Group for us for the LEDEP Training at your Church venue/ facility as applicable.

Format: Seminars & Work-Shop



Duration: 24 course, seminar and workshop hours spread over a period of 3-weeks or 6-weeks maximum.

Note: Date and Time for Church- based/ Out post LEDEP Training can be discussed, adjusted and made to fit into your programme. 


LEDEP Application Form [Part 1]