Our History — “Like The Mustard Seed”

Calvary Ministries (aka CAPRO) from its original name ‘Calvary Productions’ is a non-denominational missions agency that began on April 25, 1975, as a mere dream. Some even called it a ‘wild dream’ of youths. A few young, Christian graduates decided to risk their lives and future by publicly preaching the gospel of Christ in the face of severe hostility in a community where the gospel had never been heard or publicly preached. This pioneer team was stoned and wounded but undeterred. God honoured their faith and resolve, and from that outreach, the mission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard began.

These young pioneers did not even know that they were getting into cross-cultural mission work; they were simply obeying God with lots of zeal and passion and without much resource or training. They could not have known that it would divinely turn out to become Nigeria’s foremost indigenous effort at cross-cultural missions and one of Africa’s contributions to world evangelization. Over time, God opened the door for some of the pioneer members to be trained by WEC International in the UK and soon their dream became an all encompassing global vision.

Today, like the mustard seed, Calvary Ministries has grown into an agency with six hundred (600) missionaries using different gifts to serve sixty six (66) previously unreached peoples in forty (40) Countries.

We are engaged in diverse ministries such as:

Missionary Recruitment & Trainings

Missions Awareness, Advocacy & Mobilisation

Missions Research, Verification & Documentation

Contextualised Church Planting & Discipleship

Mercy Ministries (Health Care, Education & Literacy, Translation, Relief, Rehabilitation & Rural Development)

Multi-Media Resource Development

Administration & Coordination