Hausi – A 15Year Old Girl Who Lost …..

Author: Oworu

Hausi is a 15-year old girl from Kamuku tribe in Niger State. She practiced animism and co. At this age in her culture, she is due for marriage. Several men came and asked for her hand in marriage but she kept asking them if they will become Christian when she herself is not. If their answer was no, she would refuse their proposal. She later met a neighbour who is a Christian and she told him she would like to be a Christian.

The man sent her to our missionary in another village who asked her who Jesus is and why she wanted to become a Christian. She told him that Jesus is her Saviour. She accepted Christ and started coming to our missionary for discipleship from her village. She did this regularly on market days when others would have gone to the market.

After a while, she was encouraged to tell someone else what she has been learning and she agreed. She began to share the gospel with her younger sister. She later brought her elder brother to the missionary and he too gave his life to Christ. This happened during Ramadan this year and their father got to know when they stopped fasting and he disowned them.

He withdrew the girl’s mat and she began to sleep on bare floor. He also asked his younger brother to invite the vigilante group to deal with his son who is now in Christ. The Christian neighbour who is also his relative rebuked him and he was prevented from doing so. However, he has not stopped in victimizing his children at home. Pray that Hausi’s younger sister will come to Christ and that God may touch their father’s heart.

One thought on “Hausi – A 15Year Old Girl Who Lost …..

  1. Abiodun Akiwumi says:

    I pray that this father will become a Christian and stop mistreating his children

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