Frontpage Welcome Message

We are multicultural and multinational in staff membership; we currently have over 700 Missionaries and Volunteers from 23 countries or nationalities serving in various capacity and ministries across 37 countries.

CAPRO works with different local churches and denominations in her effort to establish independent indigenous, self governed, self propagating and self financing churches among previously unreached people groups.

Even though CAPRO is a non-denominational Agency, her missionaries are members of different existing local churches and denominations.

Currently in the United Kingdom alone, Calvary Ministries has 8 full time staff members, a network of volunteers and chapter members, engaged in mobilisation, cross-cultural outreaches and multi-media development and with widespread presence in South-East, Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside, North-West and Scotland. We have active local chapters and ministry teams in Northern Ireland.

Who Can Be Involved in CAPRO?
Anybody who is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ; who believes and is following Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour, and is fully persuaded about the claims and mandate of Matthew 28:19-20.