Engaged Discipleship ED

We believe that the key to disciple making is teaching, and effective teaching involves personal interaction. These comes together in the “Engaged Discipleship” course.

The Engaged Discipleship course is designed to help men and women grow in their personal knowledge of, and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to see men and women shaped into His image, on fire for God where they are and willing ( should the Lord so desire of them) to go to the uttermost parts of the earth to share his love with others.

Practical, yet soundly biblical in content, Engaged Discipleship is a combination of informal teaching seminars and workshops on basic Christian themes. It is run as a series of three-hour sessions over a period of 12 weeks (total of 48-60 hours)

The course is delivered through a mix of lectures and interactive sessions that stimulate discovery and growth, incorporating teaching seminars, workshops and practical involvement in evangelism and missions. (a visit to a mission field can be arranged for interested participants.)

Course Content
Teaching, Workshops and Seminars on:

  • Salvation
  • Personal Edification and Growth
  • Stewardship of Life
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Inner healing and relationships
  • Knowing God better
  • The disciple at work place
  • The gifts and calling of God
  • Family Life
  • Mutual Submission
  • Evangelism
  • Making disciples of others
  • Understanding Christian missions
  • The challenge of unreached peoples
  • Serving as senders

Lectures and facilitators
Are drawn primarily from WEC and CAPRO, but will include other Christian leaders

Recommended Readings
Each subject will have recommended materials which participants are expected to read as part of their commitment to the programme.

Opportunities for Service
There will be opportunities for personal evangelism, weekend outreaches and short-term trips to missions fields.

Mentoring is a vital element of the discipleship process. Before embarking on the course, we expect all participants to either have a mentor already, or we could help you arrange one.

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