CAPRO UK Discipleship & Missions Conference 2017


Experience our Discipleship & Missions Conference [DMC 2017].

Conference this year is moving from London and will be holding in Birmingham, West Midlands.


Conference Theme: “A Call to Kingdom Living”.


The conference will consider the following burning issues:

1. How do we survive in a world system that is increasingly against all that we believe and hold dear?

2. How can we serve God in a militantly atheistic yet multi-faith society that tolerates all things except Christianity?

3. How do we keep faith and passion in an age that considers all things relative, even Truth?

4. How do you maintain kingdom-focus personally and remain a faithful steward of God’s grace in your life?

5. How do we help a Church in the middle of an identity crisis turn the challenges of migration into mission opportunities?


Conference Facilitators:

The keynote speaker at the conference is Rev. W. C Passman, a teacher, preacher with prophetic unction.

There will also be interactive discussion sessions facilitated by Peter Ozodo, a seasoned bible teacher, supported by John Suberu, the pioneer of CAPRO’s work in Sudan.

This is a family friendly conference, there will be a crèche for babies and toddlers and separate programmes for children and teenagers. The theme for our children programme this year is “Prayer – the key to God’s will”


Date: Saturday, 02 December 2017

Time: 8.30 – 17.00 [registration and breakfast from 8.30 a.m.

Venue: RCCG Salvation Theatre, 58a Westminster Road, Handsworth Birmingham B20 3LJ.


Free parking available. Also, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Conference is free. Donations and freewill offerings are welcomed.

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