CAPRO Sending Teams (CAST)


Meet the CAPRO UK CAST Chapters

The Organised CAPRO UK Sending Teams are found across the United Kingdom in England, Scotland and in Ireland

We recognise that not all are called to go and serve as frontier missionaries, and that some of us are called to send and support those going to work fulltime among the unreached peoples. In Calvary Ministries we are deliberate in our effort to create opportunities, encourage and support those called to serve as Senders. Although we have a broad network of individuals, churches and Christian groups that have identified with our mission as independent senders, we however have a network of organised Sending apparatus known as the CAPRO Sending Teams CASTs.

CAPRO Sending Teams (CASTs) are organized sending and support arm of Calvary Ministries found in any given locality in the different country of operations. They consist of born again Christians with genuine commitment to world evangelization. They meet regularly to pray and plan ways to impact CAPRO engagements among the unreached. They also involve in advocacy, information sharing to create awareness and mobilisation of the church in their locality. They raise prayers, materials and money to facilitate and ensure progress of the work of Calvary ministries and missions generally.


CAPRO Sending Team – Chapter Membership
Becoming a Chapter member of a CAPRO Sending Team is becoming a member of Calvary Ministries and by direct implication, members become fully involved with the Mission.

A Chapter member of CAPRO Sending Team (CAST) must be a born-again; spirit filled Christian, who is in good standing in his or her Local Church. Members are expected to have an understanding or a desire to understand what the Great Commission is, and is seeking to fulfil the same through the agency of Calvary Ministries.

A Chapter member of CAST sees his or her involvement primarily as a service towards expanding the kingdom of God. He therefore perceives his involvement with the Ministries as an active and serious responsibility. Involvement in a chapter is a personal ministry, and each member should expect to be actively involved in the promotional aspects of missions in his locality.


The Task of the CAPRO Sending Teams
The Great Commission, wherever it is found in the New Testament is addressed, not to a mission agency, an apostle or an apostolic team, but to the entire church. It is therefore the duty of every Christian to be involved in missions. That only a few people are involved in it today is a misnomer that needs to be redressed. It is therefore the principal duty of the CAPRO chapter where it is found, to promote missions in the entire body of Christ within its locality.

The CAPRO Sending Team (Chapter) is expected to do this through maintaining a good relationship with the Churches in its area of coverage, and lovingly confronting the body of Christ with its missionary mandate. It is therefore more of a service agency than a social club. Again, the activities of the chapter are to be directed towards mobilising Christians in its area of coverage for evangelism and missions.. A chapter should help its clientele to find expression regarding their involvement with the Great Commission.

A good chapter is therefore one whose members are busy getting involved in the life and work of the missionaries as well as one which also motivates and mobilizes the Christians and local congregation in its area to get involved. When this is done successfully, it should result among other things, in more churches praying for CAPRO in particular, and for missions in general, financial support for missionaries and the work, occasional visits to mission field/s, and releasing members who identify a missionary call to serve as career missionaries within CAPRO or other agencies.

In summary, while frontier missionary staff members of CAPRO generally seek to reach unreached peoples on the mission fields, Chapter members of CAPRO seek to inform and mobilise Christians in their locality with the view of engaging them fully in the great commission.



Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

CAPRO Sending Team (Chapter) Activities
Each chapter is free to organize such activities as it considers necessary for achieving its goals of mobilising others for missions. The Lord gave a specific prescription of how to do this. When discussing the great size of the Harvest in Matthew 9: 37- 38, He urged his disciples to ask the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into His vineyard.

The Lord Himself is the one who really and ultimately mobilise workers into the missionary enterprise. The duty of today´s disciples is exactly the same as what it was in New Testament times, namely to pray. This is the essential task. Everything else flows from it. It will include organizing prayer meetings for its members and also Missions prayer days for the Christians in their towns. In other words, they are to pray and also invite others to pray.

As it prays, each CAPRO Sending Team (Chapter) will be led by the Lord into specific activities consistent with the needs and peculiarities of its location and the gifting of its members. These could include organizing Mission Awareness Conferences, Dramas, Seminars, Bible Studies and Exhibitions, fund raising, operating Discipleship centres, arranging for field visits and outreaches.

In doing these, the goal remains to raise the level of involvement of the local Christians in missions. As a by-product, some chapter members discover their call and end up serving with CAPRO or other agencies as full time missionaries.

A list of CAPRO Sending Teams (CAST) in United Kingdom includes:
Aberdeen Chapter
Liverpool Chapter
London Chapter
Luton Prayer Cell
Manchester Chapter
Milton Keynes Prayer Cell
Peterborough Prayer Cell
Reading Chapter
West of Scotland Prayer Cell