A Shift to the Global Harvest!

“… Men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do-200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command; “ 1 Chron 12:32 NIV

There is a major shift to the global harvest, and this is opening tremendous and unprecedented ministry opportunities for the global Church and Missions, unprecedented in the history of the world put together.

Despite ongoing global, large scale persecution and violence against the Church and Christians, Jesus Christ “The good shepherd” continues to build His Church in spite of the aggression from the gates of Hell. Satan nevertheless continues his stock in trade, unleashing his terror, violence and destruction upon his unsuspecting and defenceless devotees, harassed and confused in the face of senseless wars that dot the landscape of their homelands, the mass displacement of their families, intercontinental migrations, wanderings and movements of their peoples. The resulting horrendous pain and suffering is causing many to question and re-examine their faith and belief system. Genuine hunger and thirst for answers in the face of suffering, moral failure, empty dogma, failing religion and empty legalistic devotions is driving many people of other faith to seek for truth and for those “badly needed answers” outside their religious beliefs and socio cultural constructs.

God is shaking the heavens, the earth, the nations and kingdoms, once again as He promised (Haggai 2 : 6, 7, 21 & 22). How is the Church and Missions interpreting and responding to this times of unprecedented opportunities? This is our time to arise and shine our light. Our light is relevant now, right in the midst of the gross darkness covering the earth and people (Isaiah 60 : 1 – 7). We must rise up to confront new challenges that have emerged alongside these opportunities. We must conquer our fears, and urgently reposition the harvest potentials of Church and Missions for meaningful engagements that will deliver cutting edge prayers, intercession, research, mobilization, proclamations, multi-Media resources, trainings, compassion and mercy that will quickly translate into viable Church planting efforts among the remaining unengaged unreached people groups on the refugee highways and bye ways, in the diasporas as well as in homelands.

I want to emphasise that it is the eleventh hour of the global Church and global Missions. Unprecedented majority of the remaining unengaged unreached peoples are pushing into Europe, and seeking refuge in close proximity to our Missions Sending headquarters and Church doors. We cannot carry on as usual, we must do kingdom business differently. We must take advantage of this God-arranged proximities, stretch the boundaries and limits of possibilities in order to quickly and exhaustively work for final closure. We must totally utilise every God-given opportunities and potentials available at our disposal. We must put in our all; invest our prime men, be available prime time, muster every God given grace and energy and steward all our prime resources in order to bring this final harvest in.

The sons of Issachar continue to be a very relevant example of integrity, devotion and purposeful leadership for our time, they delivered critical leadership at a critical time in the history of Israel as a nation, they understood the times and their commitment commanded the attention of their brethren. Such understanding, urgency and commitment was demonstrated by the blessed Paul the Apostle in 1Cointhians 9:16-27.

This is a call to urgency, this is a call to engage with great fervour, zeal, sacrifice and service in all our sphere of activities and influences within the United Kingdom, across Europe and to the ends of the earth. May the Lord bless all our sacrifices and labour of love for His name as we look forward to and work earnestly for His glorious coming. Amen

Blog Article Author: Deserttrail

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